Crochet Reef

Crochet a Reef in Meridian

I’m not sure whether I will place this behind my fish tank glass or dip it in something to make it hard [perhaps plaster of paris] then paint it and place it inside the tank.

I need to find out what materials I can use, that won’t affect my fish, Any ideas anyone?

Crochet Reef

Crochet Reef


I wouldn’t mind starting a group, perhaps “Craft Meridian” let me know if any readers here [you] are interested by leaving a comment below.

Also does anybody have a pattern to crochet shoes?

I am interested in any craft ideas.

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  • January 20, 2014

    Incredible how realistic your crochet reef looks – got to say a nifty idea!
    I would ask a pet shop that stocks aquarium fish about the effects of the materials you want to use to harden and decorate the crochet reef.
    Your other option would be to immerse your finished item into another tank and test the water after several weeks.
    I would imagine that well cured plaster of paris and a plastic based paint would be OK – but I would definitely test it first.
    Personally I would be very interested in a craft group where we could exchange ideas.

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