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Crochet Reef

Crochet a Reef in Meridian

by June Pickering
I'm not sure whether I will place this behind my fish tank glass or dip it in something to make it hard [perhaps plaster of paris] then paint it and place it inside the tank. I need to find out what materials I can use, that won't affect my fish, Any ideas anyone?   I wouldn't mind starting a group, perhaps "Craft Meridian" let me know if any readers here [you] are interested by leaving a comment below. Also does anybody have a pattern to crochet shoes? I am interested in any craft ideas.

Downtown Meridian

by Kitty Jellinek
Just a Glimpse at Downtown Meridian.    
Grand Opera House

Grand Opera House

by Art Leslie
The Riley Center, also known as the Grand Opera House and formally as the Mississippi State University Riley Center for Education and Performing Arts is a performing arts and conference center in Meridian, Mississippi. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and renovated in September 2006, it is remarkable for being preserved to its original beauty while incorporating the latest in modern technology and amenities. The Grand Opera House and the adjacent Marks-Rothenberg Department store were built in 1889 by two half brothers, Israel Marks and Levi Rothenberg.[4] In addition to the extensive theater renovation, the department [...]
Shrine Temple

Temple Theater

by Kitty Jellinek
Location of Temple Theater in Mississippi Location: Meridian, Mississippi Coordinates: 32°21′55″N 88°42′7.67″W "FUN FACT! The Temple Theater has been in continuous daily operations since it opened in 1927 and is the oldest and largest continually operated Movie Palace in the State of Mississippi." In 2009, the Temple Theater building was sold by the Hamasa Shrine to Roger Smith, who continues to operate the theatre as a performing arts & movie venue. "The Hamasa Shrine Temple Theater, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, is a historic theater located at 2320 8th Street in Meridian, Mississippi. The Temple [...]
BBQ and grill

Are You Hungry?

by Art Leslie
No, I'm not about to start a discussion on starving kids in other countries. I am, however, going to comment on two new restaurants that have opened in our area (39305). // Griff's Bar-B-Que  and  Mugshots Griff's Bar-B-Que is located in the old "Lonnie & Pat's" location on Poplar Springs Dr. north of North Hills Street.  I've sampled the cuisine and I must admit it was absolutely delicious. They run regular specials on Tues/Thur and Wed/Fri ... but don't forget to ask about the "daily" special. Mugshots is located in the old "Landing's" location just north of North Hills Street. [...]

Do You Facebook?

by Art Leslie
Are you a Facebook fan that spends a lot of time interacting with your friends and playing games?  It can be addictive, can't it ... More than likely, if you are on Facebook and have a few friends, you see all kinds of cute or funny pictures shared by others. Would you believe they are consistently more viral than the YouTube videos that people share? I bring this up because I just entered a contest to create an image that was fun, imaginative and had "sharing" appeal.  Perhaps I'll post them here later for you to see the lousy job [...]