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Are You Hungry?

No, I’m not about to start a discussion on starving kids in other countries. I am, however, going to comment on two new restaurants that have opened in our area (39305).

Griff’s Bar-B-Que  and  Mugshots

Griff’s Bar-B-Que is located in the old “Lonnie & Pat’s” location on Poplar Springs Dr. north of North Hills Street.  I’ve sampled the cuisine and I must admit it was absolutely delicious. They run regular specials on Tues/Thur and Wed/Fri … but don’t forget to ask about the “daily” special.

Mugshots is located in the old “Landing’s” location just north of North Hills Street. I haven’t visited them as yet, but will let you know more here when I do.

If you’ve visited either one of the two new restaurants, please leave a comment telling us about your visit.

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